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Dresses to you offers info , tips & advice on choosing the most flattering style and colour for your occasion - whether that's a wedding, prom, homecoming, ball or a formal party event.

Special Occasions & Parties

We all enjoy the turn of the seasons, and enjoy getting out our spring and summer outfits when the weather warms up.

There's nothing like going shopping for an evening gown or cocktail dress for a Christmas party or New Year's eve celebration.

This season gothic fashions are the latest in style - hot off the catwalks are fabulous looks with crochet or black lace, the perfect style for that little black dress .

Finding the right outfit or dresses can simply be matter of finding the right color or style - do you know which are best for your figure ?

Choosing the Right Dress Styles

Your shape and figure will mean that some styles will suit you far better than others - simple style tips can save you $$$'s when shopping and put an end to having items hanging for months in your wardrobe, still with the store tag on them.

Best of all, finding out what works for you can finally put an end to those "I haven't got anything to wear" days which can be such a headache.

So, it's worth discovering your own personal style so that you can buy the most flattering store designs that flatter your figure.

There's one style that will suit you whether you're pear-shaped, fuller figured or as thin as a size 0 model - do you know what it is?

Wedding Day Gowns

For that special day, choosing the right style and design is essential, as you'll remember the day and the photos for the rest of your life.

Combining this with the right hairstyle or updo and adding the right accessories can also help give you confidence to walk out knowing that you're the most beautiful woman in the room.

Childrens Wear for Special Days

Young girl wears simple pink party dress with fur and bowMost children or infants only wear formal clothes for events such as their christening, a first birthday or a family wedding.

Discerning parents like to have a special dress or outfit for their baby or toddler, as well as choosing smart shoes to match their outfit.

If your daughter has been asked to be a flower girl or bridesmaid, there's etiquette to followed and pretty princess-like adornments to be worn.

Perfect Gowns for Formal Evenings

Formal events require a certain dress code which it's important to follow and it can be harder than you think to find the right colour and size of gown that fits your curves perfectly.

Whilst long dresses are traditional, shorter styles have been making a comeback at prom and homecoming celebrations.

Adding the right accessories can make or break an outfit - so don't leave shopping for them until the last minute.

Stylish Vintage Dresses & Hairstyles

It's increasingly popular to wear fashions from eras such as the 1940's or 1980's .

Whether it's for a reunion, fancy dress party or New Year celebration, fancy dress stores are doing a roaring trade in taking people back to the past with fancy wigs and outfits.

Discover how to take items from your own wardrobe or from thrift stores and charity shops and create your own 70's styles.

Fashion & Style Gurus

There are increasingly a number of people whose style we crave and copy - from Gok Wan to Victoria Beckham, from Gwyneth Paltrow to the hottest Vogue models.

Discover where they find the latest style tips - straight from the catwalks of London, Paris & New York, so that you too can set the trend, but without the expensive designer budget !